GHWRG at RGS-IBG PG Forum Mid-Term Conf (19th-21st April)


The RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference (19th – 21st April 2017) is fast approaching and the Geographies of Health and Wellbeing Research Group will be there with a research group reception on Wednesday 19th at 16.00. Come say hello to our PG reps Gareth and Cornelia!

Paper session:
Block 3: ‘Health and Wellbeing’ on Friday 21st April between 10.50- 12.40 in Room 1.75.

Chair: Prof. Mark Jayne (Cardiff University)

Cornelia van Diepen (University of Portsmouth): ‘Understanding health risk co-behaviours through Twitter.’

Farouk Abdulkadir Umar – ‘Combining Multiple population data in profiling access to healthcare facilities in Kano State.’

Gareth Griffith (University of Bristol) – ‘How do they cope? The differential impact of the Economic Recession on the Mental Health of the UK.’

Valentine Seymour (UCL) – ‘Measuring nature’s impact on health: A volunteering case study.’

Phil Emmerson (University of Birmingham) – Laughing and caring bodies – the conceptual, practical and affective spacing(s) between two (or more) ‘subjects’



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